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karen ireland

Glass Artist

karen ireland Picture 45349 Watson Road
British Columbia, Canada
V2R 2H5
Phone Number: 604 701 2202
Email Address: [email protected]


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 And the WINNER of the draw at the Prospera Centre Open House last week is Kathy Doerksen. She will choose either the starfish, the lady bug or the framed grasshopper. See them in the "For Art's Sake" studio. Thanks everyone for participating and I hope you included an email address, or a snail mail address so I can invite you to my next show, and see you again. If you think you have a place in your home that would be made more beautiful, or private, or functional by a custom designed bit of glass, please contact me at 604 701 2202. Thank you for dropping by. Karen
Artist's Statement:
 GLASS is always a liquid, never a solid! It doesn't combine, it merely hugs, albeit in a fairly intimate way. That is the fascinating elementary character of glass so is it any wonder that it fills our world from the ubiquitous of float window glass to the breathtaking of classical and modern art? For years I've combined the various characteristics of glass with creative DESIGN to add distinction and allure to people's SPACE while increasing commercial VALUES. Glass can be fragile, strong, textured, smooth, opaque, transparent, coloured, clear and 2 or 3D. Then sometimes adding other materials, found objects or, maybe, a family heirloom just adds to the magic. Then adding to it with ETCHING, LEADING, CARVING, BLASTING, FUSING and PAINTING a work is created that is client, site, function and design specific. I also TEACH, and on occasion, REPAIR and REFURBISH Art, for Art's Sake!! Glass, murals, painting, mosaics. [email protected] 604 701 2202
Instruction and Workshops:
 Private and occasional group Studio lessons in Chilliwack, B.C. Introductory Stained Glass; Advanced Stained and Leaded Glass; Acid Etching; Design for Glass; Mosaics for your home; Creating for yourself. Please inquire. 604 701 2202

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